Let’s All Be Safe Out There, Okay?

People get in a lot of car accidents. It’s seems like a pretty unnecessary problem. What can we do to fix it? 1. Don’t Crash – Maybe this is “the obvious” solution, but according to some statistics I’m about to make up, there are over 6 car accidents somewhere in the world every decade. OVER … Continue reading

Stop Being So Crazy, You God Damn Lunatic: 101 Ways to Tone It Down a Bit, Please

Yep, you’re pretty neurotic. Everyone is to a certain extent, but you’re worse than most. So, stop being crazy. Despite what Helloween would have you believe, it’s definitely a good idea. Don’t know how? Let me help. 101 Ways to Stop Acting Like a Complete Nut-Job: 1. Breath I know this seems pretty simple, but … Continue reading